.. managed to pack such a small amount of clothing as I have to and from Italy. With a summer wardrobe consisting of items I find easy to combine with one another I actually had no major difficulties packing my travel belongings (I usually do have MAJOR difficulties) in Alex. Hoi hoi, this is big, and life changing, news for me. The reason for this I think is because personal style get?s more defined with age. These are my life experiences, watching people surrounding me as I grew up, and thinking about the changes of style I had, and therefore I won?t say that this is the only way to look at style changes. Cause you know, the world changes, fashion changes and your personality changes ? (?and thank God for that!? she said while thinking back to the time when a bit too heavy teten year old girl walked around in a green knitted sweater and pink palazzo streatch trousers).

Yes, cause when I was younger I looked like a walking candy ? lot?s of color, hurray hurray. With a wardrobe like that you might understand why packing light was never easy. Even getting dressed in the morning could take hours, I don?t even want to get on talking about the packing. The only thing I can (or will) tell you, which i also think would explain alot, is that one time I was going on a weekend trip to my best friends cabin, and her father asked mei f I was planning to move in.

Top from ZARA, trousers from H&M, sunnies are RAY BAN and tote from ALEXANDER WANG.


Wiggle wiggle! It was a sad face that left Italy on Wednesday, but a rather happy one that drove through Rapallo on her way home. Such a beautiful hidden treasure, at least a hidden one for me as I have never ever heard of it before. Baby I liked it, and I'm most definetly going back! In this writing moment I'm laying in my soft bed in a hotel room in, never mind - somewhere in Germany where there is a lot of castles - I just want to turn and go back to Italy. Ii will try to explain it the way Gunda would, so here it comes: "Make a u-turn if possible!!!".

Top from LEVI'S, trousers and sandals from ZARA and sunnies from RAY BAN.


and there are shoes that's not...

One example of that one the most talked about fashion insidence of our time ? when Naomi Campbell fell wearing the Super Elevated Gillie Shoes on the catwalk walking Vivienne Westwood in 1993.

Two days ago I was actually wearing, to my surprise, a pair of shoes that were excellent, and absolutely made for walking! My ACNE sandals supported me all the way through Qinque Terre, from town to town. Okey, so maybe I only walked between two of the five towns, but the scenario took me thirteen years back in time to when my family and I one summer walked in the Norwegian mountains. Cause it was a lot of uphill allright! Uphill and sweat. I could almost hear the sandals starting to sing "I just want to make you sweat".

Luckily for Naomi Campbell her name is still big today, despite of her big fall as a professional model, and the shoes are bought and exhibitioned by the V&A in London.

Now I?m just going to wait for day when my ACNE+Qinque Terre picture get?s exhibitioned.

Wearing top from LEVI'S // shorts, back pack and sunnies from H&M, sandals from ACNE.


Yesterday we went to visit Pisa and Lucca, from my point of view there isn't much more to Pisa than the tower. It was just to warm and boring for my taste! When we were at the train station to get to Lucca I felt like I was in an American movie, only waiting for that western "whisteling theme song" when the characters are about to get into a shooting fight.

Lucca, on the other hand, was much more enjoyable! Such a beautiful little town - if you ever go to Toscany you have to visit Lucca. And do not eat any lunch, or any meal at all, until you get into Piazza Amfitetro, because that is where some of the nicest cafes and restaurants are. And be sure to buy yourself a refreshing Sprits.

Pictures from my trip will be postet later :) Take care!


Jeg lurer veldig p hvordan det ville vrt leve p en evig ferie. Akkurat n virker det som den mest behagelige tilvrelsen jeg kunne tenke meg (okei n ly jeg, for det har vel hendt at den tanken har streifet meg flere ganger tidligere), men noe sier meg ogs at jeg fort kunne gtt lei om jeg ikke hadde noe strebe etter...

ENGLISH: I wonder how a never ending vacation would be like. Right now that seems like the ultimate way to live (okei, that was a like, that thought might have caught me from time to time before), but in some ways I also think that I could have been to easily bored if there was nothing to achieve...


I dag har vi vrt p historisk tur i omrdet rundt hotellet - det vil si at vi har lrt litt om historien i omrdet, vrt sett p gravkammer oa. Det er s vakkert her, og jeg skulle s gjerne nske jeg kunne tilbrunge mer tid her!

ENGLISH: Today we went on a historical trip in the area around our hotel - we were taught about the Tuscan history and visited old tombs from around 700 BC. Really exciting! I wish I could spend many more weeks here, this place is so beautiful.

Wearing top from ZARA, vintage LEVI'S shorts, sunnies from H&M on the head and TOMS on my feet.


Il borgo di Castilletti.Monte Fortini.Levi's vintage short's. Italian flag. Bikini. Sun. Life is good.


Wearing top made from a dress from TOPSHOP, shorts from H&M, bag from ZARA, sunnies from CHANEL and shoes from ACNE.

Fortapt i en verden av fotografering klarte jeg i dag g meg vill i Firenze. Alt started da jeg s en Zadig & Voltaire pose og bestemte meg for g i motsatt retning av jenten som brte p den. P veien mtte jeg s mye vakkert, og ettersom jeg hadde lyst til ta bilde av alt klarte jeg selvflgelig rote meg bort? Da jeg endelig kom tilbake og mtte p familien min forstod jeg at jeg faktisk hadde gtt rundt og rundt i en sirkel i en time!

ENGLISH: Lost in the world of photography I managed to get lost walking around in Florence today. It all started when I saw a Zadig & Voltaire shopping bag and started to og in the opposite direction of the girl carrying it. On my way I got lost in how beautiful Florence is, and by wanting to capture all of it I got away from my family. When I finally got back, I realised that I had been walkning around i circles for one hour?



I gr var jeg fast bestemt p at vi skulle komme oss fra Danmark til sterrike, men timene gikk og det endte med at vi mtte sjekke inn p en suite i Ingorstadt, Tysklant. Der tilbrakte vi natten og spiste en deilig frokost fr det bar av grde til "the final destination" i Toscana. Med et lite stopp i Innsbruck, sterrike, og det som skulle vre et lite stopp i Trento, Italia, men som endte med et langt stopp fordi vi aldri fant ut hvordan man skulle komme seg inn til sentrum, klarte vi til slutt og komme frem til vrt nye hjem for en ukes tid. Jeg m nok gi mye av ren til Gunda (Gunda er navnet vi har gikk vr GPS), for uten henne vet jeg ikke om vi noen gang hadde kommet frem...

ENLISH: Yesterday I was quite determined to drive all the way from Denmark to Austria, but the hours went by and when we realised that wouldn't happen we checked in to a suite in Ingorstadt, Germany. We spent the night there and ate a really good breakfast before we were on the road again headed for Florence. With a quick stop in Innsbruck, Austria, and what was supposed to be a quick stop in Trento, Italy, which really was a rather long stop since we were driving around in circles not able to find out how to get there, we have now finally reached our destination in Tuscany. I have to give a lot of credit to Gunda (Gunda is what we have named our GPS), because without her I don't know if we would have made it here!


Wearing sweater from SAMSOE SAMSOE, trousers and shoes from ZARA and bracelet and sunnies from H&M.

Hei p dere! Akkurat n befinner jeg meg i midten av Danmark, og resten av dagen skal bli brukt til kjre gjennom Tyskland og ned til sterrike ? forhpentligvis kommer vi frem til Italia p tirsdag uten noen problemer, som for eksempel at jeg blir sltt i svime av broren min. Jeg tror jeg har fortalt at jeg ofte kjeder meg?
Regner ogs med at jeg fr lastet opp litt insta-info i kveld.

ENGLISH: Right now I?m in the middle of Denmark somewhere and the rest of the day is going to be spent on the road through Germany. Hopefully we will arrive in Italy on Tuesday, but who knows, maybe my brother have killed me by then. I?ve told you I get easily bored!
I?ll come back with some insta-info later tonight. Take care!


N er det p tide dra av grde til Italia, og her har dere noen av mine "in sun" favoritt produkter!

ENGLISH: It's time to head off to Italy! For that occasion, here you have some of my in-sun favorites.

AFTER SUN korres



EIGHT HOUR CREAM elizabeth arden




Wearing top and shorts from SAMSOE SAMSOE and sunnies from H&M.

Og det vret fortsetter og imponere! DERFOR dro jeg til Mari og hennes svmmebasseng i dag - det var kanskje ogs fordi jeg trives veldig godt i Mari sitt selskap, og fordi jeg trenger lade opp en god dose med Mari-tid fr jeg drar til Italia p sndag. Jeg gleder meg masse masse!

ENGLISH: And the weather keeps on showing it self from it's best side! THEREFORE I went over to Mari's today to hang by her pool - of course it was mainly to spend some time with Mari before I leave for Italy on Sunday. This was yet another perfect day!


Jeg blir like lykkelig hver gang Norge byr p slikt vr vi har n om dagen. Himla lykkelig blir jeg nr muligeten for nyte solen med noen l og middag med venner er der!

ENGLISH: I'm at my happiest when our country shows itself from it's best, with a sunny and warm weather. Every time is just a joy and I love the possibilties you have when the weather is warm and the sun is shining, like going out for dinner and beer with some of your best friends!


Top from ACNE - jeans, jacket and shoes are all from ZARA, bag from Alexander Wang and sunnies from CHANEL.

Jeg snakker veldig mye om dager hvor du merker at du virkelig setter pris p det livet du har, og for meg har det har vrt en del slike dager i det siste - i dag var intet unntak! Jeg startet dagen med en lang og forfriskende tur med to ste, en p to ben og en p fire, senere ble det middag p Celsius med Mari og Marie, noe som var helt underbart! Jeg elsker jo oppdage nye steder man kan g ut spise p i Oslo, og Celsius har jeg faktisk aldri vrt p fr - utrolig god mat, og stemningen var ikke s vrst den heller! Dagen ble avsluttet med en liten oppvarting p Samse Samse som hadde startet sitt sommersalg - og s en p Grand. Jeg kan bli vandt til dette...

ENGLISH: I do tend to write about those days that just make you happy quite often, and for me these days have come more frequently lately - and today was no exeption! My day started with a long and refreshing walk with my lovely friend Ingrid Marie and my baby, Attila. Therefore to go into Oslo for some shopping and dinner with Mari and Marie at Celsius. A very nice place to dine in Oslo, the food is very good! The day ended with some shopping at Samsoe Samsoe which had started their summer sale, and at last drinks at Grand Hotel. I most definetly can get used to this!


English: I have to be quick cause I have to run off to work in a minute!

Well yesterday was fun! I went out with some friends for drinks and a movie, Snowwhite and the Huntsman. It was a really good movie and I recommend that you go and see it too. Kristen Stewart really has improved herself, and she is now growing on me as a actress.

Wearing a top I got from The Dubliner at Paros, trousers from NOWHERE, jacket from H&M TREND, boots from ZARA and sunnies from Ray Ban. The bracelets are from MONO&ME and H&M, and the watch Mathilde got from her grandfather.


...Sunday everyone!

A little preview of what I'm wearing today

I dag er det sndag, som ogs mange kaller for "dagen fr mandag" (inkludert meg!). Endelig har mine kjre bestevenninner kommet hjem for sommeren, etter et r i Songdal, omringet av noe mange vil kalle Norges flotteste natur. Endelig! Denne helgen har vrt tam, og lengselen etter London begynner smyge seg p, n mer enn noen gang fr. Jeg trenger innflytelse fra den inspirerende byen, vre p et sted hvor det skjer s lite gjr at jeg mister all kreativit inspirasjon. Det vil vre feil si at jeg dr innenvendig, men nr kreativitet er en ndvendighet for et menneske og den kreative evnen ikke blir stimulert, ja da vil jeg si at man mister en stor del av seg selv. N kan jeg ikke vente med dra p ferie og f slikket i meg all den inspirasjonen jeg kan f tak i! Dere er vel med meg?

English: It's Sunday. I've heard that in the US Sunday is funday, well for me Sunday is the day before Monday. My best friend's have finally come back home for the summer, after spending a year surrounded by some of Norway's finest nature in Songdal. I'm certainly feeling the longing for London coming on to me now more than ever. I feel like I'm loosing all sence of creativity after spending far too long time at a place where nothing ever happens. I can't say it feels like dying, but when creativity is a necessity for a human being to feel some happiness at all, and that creativity side of you doesn't get stimulated as it should have been, then you feel like a part of you i missing. Counting the day's for my trip to Italy, hopefully I will be able to gather as much creative inspiration as needed. Italy, I can't wait for you to influence me!


Jeg elsker fredager - bde fordi det er kos, og fordi fredag er ukedagen med det fineste navnet.

I love Friday's - because it's the most cozy day of the week, and because it's the day that's got the prettiest name.

Dress from H&M.


Topshop Unique AW 12


Og denne fantastiske kpen var det som pakken jeg hentet p posten inneholdt! Den er fra Marni's kolleksjon for H&M, og jeg fant den p salg p deres nettside - wohoo! Da jeg trykket "fullfr bestillingen" smilte jeg s flt at jeg nesten fikk vondt i hodet, fordi jeg visste nyaktig hvordan jeg nsket style kpen - med min kjole i imitert skinn fra Zara, den mrkebl genseren fra Cos og med de nye bootsene p fttene. Selvflgelig kan det ikke vre helt meg uten solbriller, derfor ble et par fra Chanel plassert p fjeset mitt.

// This amazing coat was what the pakcage I got at the post office contained. The coat is from Marni's collection for H&M and I GOT IN ON SALE! Wohoo - I smiled so much that I almost got a headache when I pressed "order". I knew exactly how I wanted to style the coat - and that was with my dress in imitated leather from Zara, the navy blue sweater from Cos and with my new boots from Zara. Og course it's not 100% me until you get a pair on sunnies placed on my face, and this time around my Chanel's got the honour.


En liten smakebit p dagens! Jeg ble s glad da jeg p vei hjem fra en laaang dag p jobben fikk en tekst fra posten, der det stod at noe ventet p meg!

// A lttle preview of the ouifit of today! I was so happy when I got a text saying there was something waiting for me at the post office :)



Fikk slik et flashback av noe som minnet av Isabel Marant da jeg s disse skoene p Zara noen uker tilbake. Da jeg var p vei ut av butikken fikk jeg flelsen av at de skulle flge etter meg, som en ste hund eller en katt du nettopp har blitt kjent med, som da du gr bestemmer seg for flge med. Ettersom Miriam og jeg mtte haste oss av grde for mte Marie hadde jeg absolutt ingen tid til g tilbake med dem, om de skulle flge etter meg. Jeg hadde heller ikke hatt hjerte til la dem vre igjen alene i byen, for allt jeg vet hadde de ikke funnet veien tilbake alene, og DET kan jeg ikke ha p samvittigheten. Derfor kjpte jeg dem!

// I got a Isabel Marant flashback when I saw these boots at Zara a couple of weeks ago. I actually got the feeling that they were going to follow me when I visited one Zara store in Oslo on Saturday, you know when the situation where a cute dog or cat you've just got to know that's decides it's going to follow you after you've adored them for a while. Miriam and I were in a hurry to meet up with Marie and had therefor no time for such a thing. Neither could I possibly just leave them on the streets if they did follow me, cause THAT is something I couldn't bear to have on my conscious. Therefore I simply just bought them!


fra lrdagen!

// from Saturday!

P det siste bildet her ser jeg virkelig fornyd ut. Det kan jeg fortelle dere at ikke bare s slik ut, men faktisk var tilfelle!

De gangene jeg er med Miriam og Marie kommer den inspirerte versonen av meg selv til syne. Misforst meg rett, jeg er utrolig glad i vennene mine og veldig mange av dem anser jeg som familie, men de har alle forskjellige egenskaper, om man kan si det slik. Nr jeg er med blant annet Mari, Marie og Miriam blir jeg s utrolig inspirert, fordi de alle, p hver sin mte, er interessert i det kreative samt at de er veldig ambisise mennesker. Det er da den kreative delen av meg selv blomstrer og jeg blir inspirert, og ettersom jeg er en veldig kreativ person, og det er i omgivelser med kreativitet jeg trives best, kan jeg uen fle meg alt for slem si at det er den delen av meg som kommer frem i sammenhenger lik som lrdagen jeg liker best.

// At the last pictures I look really happy, and I can tell you that I was! Whenever I am with Marie and Miriam I feel so inspired - don't get me wrong, I love all my friends, but they all have different qualities. Miriam, Mari and Marie (I actually didn't realise that they all start with the letter M) make an inspired Katrine come out for people to see. And since I'm quite the creative person the inspired version of me, I have to say, is the version I like the most.

While sitting in the green velvet chair at Fru Hagen I felt like I planned the strategy for the next year of my life in 30 minutes - some might call that to be a controlfreak, I call it "having something to look foreward to".



Det var s deilig tilbringe dagen i vr hovedstad med gode venner og god lunsj p Jacob Aal. Og p toppen av det hele s fr man prve litt Nespresso kaffe mens man vandrer langs Aker Brygge i solskinnet! I det yeblikket kunne jeg ikke komme p en kombinasjon som kunne gjort yeblikket mer perfekt. Det er i snne stunder man omtrent fler noe som nrmer seg lykke!

// It was so nice spending the day i our capital dining with good friends at Jacob Aal. And on top of that to get a taste of Nespresso as we walked down Aker Brygge with the sun reflecting in out eyes. In that moment I couldn't think of any other combination making that moment any better - a moment you can almost describe as perfect! It's times like that when you can feel something very close to happiness.

Wearing a top from LINDEX, trousers from ZARA, coat from WEEKDAY, headpiece from H&M, shoes from ZARA, the bag is from ALEXANDER WANG and sunnies from CHANEL - while the bracelets are from KONY 2012, MONO&ME and H&M.


... your headpiece like the strong women of the 1940's!

"We can do it!" var en amerikansk propaganda plakat laget av J. Howard Miller for ke arbeidsinnsatsen uder den andre verdenskrigen. Kvinner mtte jo p den tiden ta saken i egne hender og g ut i arbeid, ettersom mange menn hadde fortlatt sine hjem og arbeidsplasser for forsvare sin nasjon, eller andres. Datidens kvinner ble ikke lenger hjemmevrende husfruer, men sterke fruer som tok saken i sine egne hender og tok over "a man's work". Hodeplagger fra Howard Millers propagandaplakat vil jeg si er konnotasjon p en sterk og ambisis kvinne. Vi har flere sommre sett bruken av skjerf som hodeplagg i forskjellige fasonger, som turbanen. Ir gr vi for et lett skjeft knyttet rundt hodet som et pannebnd. Vi er s heldige kunne eksprimentere og leke med mote, jeg synes det er viktig kle personligheten sin, kle seg slik at man fler seg vel. You can do it!

//"We can do it!" was an Amercian propaganda poster made by J. Howard Miller in the 1940's to make a boost for the Woman work ethic. The men had left their home for the sake of the war, and to save their country and the women had to stay strong and independent and take over the men's work. It was no longer the work of the housewives, and the "man's world" became ecual.

We have seen many differnt ways to use the scarf as a headpiece, like the turban. This year you should wear it as the picture above, a schiffon scarf tied around your forehead. Nowadays you can experiment and do whatever you like with fashion, what's important I think is to make it fit your personality. You can do it.

(Sources: Wikipedia, and all over Tumblr.)


Vakre, stilfulle og ikke minst successfulle Elin Kling har gtt inn i et samardbeid med Guess og kommer ut med en kolleksjon denne hsten! Og Guess what, jeg gleder meg. Masse.

The beutiful Swede Elin Kling gave us wonderful news a couple of days ago! She has collaberated with Guess and will this fall give us a collection. Elin Kling + Guess. I guess (or hope) it will be as sucessful as everything else she has toutched so far.


Det er ingen hemmelighet at jeg elsker London. Jeg forelsket meg i byen p mitt frste London besk - s heldig jeg er som bor i en slik by!

There's no secret that I love London, I fell in love with the city at my first trip across the pond - and I am so incredably lucky to be living in such a city!


Det blir litt snn at man snn at man slenger p seg noe veldig komfertabelt nr man kommer hjem fra jobb, og ofte er det ogs mindre pent, men i dag hadde buksen Camilla sendte meg fra London kommet! Da mtte jeg jo feire med ta den p med, selvflgelig. Velkommen hjem! Buksene og skoene er fra ZARA og toppen fra H&M.

ENGLISH// Heya! After a long day at work I often tend to put on something super comfortable, but not so pretty. Today my trousers, which Camilla sent me from London, came home - and that I had to celebrate by wearing them.. The trousers and shoes are from ZARA and the top is from H&M.


over my shoulder...

Neida! Jeg sitter her og tenker p hvor fort dette ret har gtt. The MAIN HAPPENING this year var vel flytte til London... Starten var tff, og det var perioder som ikke var like lett som andre, men den dag i dag sitter jeg igjen med et smil om munnen. Jeg hadde ikke kommet meg p LFW og ACNE visningen om jeg ikke hadde bodd i London, det er helt sikkert. P ACNE visningen mtte jeg ogs Columbine Smille, og man skulle jo tro at en som jobber p Gardermoen burde vre vant ved se kjente profiler, men da jeg snakket med Columbine var jeg s starstruck at jeg i etterkant forstod at et adrenalinkick m ha inntruffet meg. Vet dere hvor stort det er mte et menneske du virkelig ser opp til? Jeg har hatt muligheten til mte mange interessante mennesker og ftt bo i en veldig fin leilighet. Det er jo desverre slik at man, i alle fall jeg, har litt vanskelig for nyte ting i yeblikket - hodet mitt er desverre mange uker i forveien av ntiden (jeg kan ikke se inn i fremtiden).
Den ACNE visningen, derimot, den nt jeg i yeblikket.

Jeg hper jeg at dere holder ut med meg gjennom sommeren, ogs blir med meg videre p mitt andre r i London!

Mange turer rundt i London by har det blitt!
Many of trips around London this year!

Also a lot of pub visits...

Columbine Smille, me - starstuck.

My appartment, and the view (that wasn't so nice... )

Spending tons of money on magazines...

More walking. I look happy at this picture too, must be shopping...

March 15th - the day I turned 21 - standing on London Bridge.


ENGLISH//I am sitting here thinking about how fast this year has gone by. The main happening had to be moving to London... At the beginning the whole thing was so tough, almost like I couldn't handle it, but now I'm sitting here with a smile on my mouth. I wouldn't have gone to LFW and the ACNE show if I hadn't moved to London, and neither would I have met Columbine Smille. I would have thought that a person working at the airport in Oslo would be used to see known profiles by now, but after meeting Columbine Smille I realised that I must have had an adrenaline shock or something. I was starstruck. Helo, have you ever met you style icon? If you have, or you do, you're allowed to be starstruck!


Jeg trenger din hjelp!

Akkurat n, eller egentlig om litt over to uker, har jeg muligheten til bli Costume's nye moteblogger - noe som jeg selflgelig har noen intenste nsker om vinne!
For at jeg skal ha muligheten til dette m dere hjelpe meg litt med stemming! Om du nsker se mer av meg og bloggingen min i samarbeid med Costume, og fler at jeg er en verdig vinner, s vr s inderlig grei og god, g inn p denne linken og stem p meg!


I am in desperate need of YOUR help! I'm in the finals of becoming Costume's next fashion blogger, and for me to get this opportunity I need your help - cos I need you to VOTE for me by clicking into this site and vote for KEinfluence. You also need to put in your name, your email and the year you were born - AND at the end, if you're reading this in English, the answer at the last question is probably NEI.



En liten smaksprve som vi kaller det!

A little preview from today!


Du har absolutt lov til mobbe, men jeg har allerde sagt at jeg er en smule merkelig og at jeg ikke lyver. Du kan ikke f mer real enn dette!


Untitled from Katrine Elena on Vimeo.

You can definetly mock me for this one, but to my defence, I have said that I am crazy and honest. It doesn't get more real than this!


Produktene jeg sverger til denne sommeren, og kommer til anvende p mine reiser, er som vist p bildet under! Lancaster, best p solkrem (man kan ogs f litt tan intensifier!). En god fuktighetskrem er noe ALLE trenger, med min atopiske eksem bruker jeg A-Derma bde p kropp og ansikt (nei, jeg har ikke spesielt trr hud, men n jeg anvender denne fr jeg hverken nupper i huden og mindre urenheter i ansiktet!!!). Denne sommerer har jeg falt helt pladask for duften av roser og peoner, ingredienser som dette finner du i blant annet L'occitane sin Pivoine Flora kolleksjon (du fr bde kremer, parfyme og body spray) og i Chlo sin eau de toilette. Det er jo ogs s fantastisk flott med en sommerbrun hun som glder, MED rde negler til - for en slik look anvender jeg Guerlain L'or primer som inneholder ekte gullkorn og gir mye fukt, og p neglene skinner det en deilig rdfarge - 617 Holiday, en av sesongens flotte Chanel farger.


The products I tend to use on my summer vacation is shown above. Lancaster are best on sun screen, and if you'd like to you can get one with tan intensifier - leaving you with a beautiful long lasting tan. When you're out in the sun all day, and the air is dry (which it is most parts of Europe during the summer) you need more than ever to use a REALLY good moisturising lotion, your body needs it! And for me A-Derma is THE BEST! This summer I am particulary weak for the smell of flowers, especially peonies, and you can find that fragerance in both L'occitane's Pivoine Flora collection and in Chlo's eau de toilette.
For a beutiful summer glow I use Guerlain's L'or primes which is mosturising and contains real gold - and my nails get Holiday as well, 617 Holiday, one of the summer colors from Chanel.



Litt kjedelige outfit bilder kan det desverre bli nr ingen av "fotografene" er tilgjengelige! Tre er utenlands og en er syk.

Jeg derimot, er for tiden ingen av delene. Uken etter at jeg kom hjem til Norge for sommeren begynte jeg rett p jobb, og der skal jeg vre i tre uker til fr jeg tar en mnedes lang sommerferie. Som inneholder Italia, London (jeg trenger nemlig et sted bo nr jeg drar tilbake til hsten) og Paris! Jeg gleder meg ganske mye til denne sommeren, i alle fall nr dagene er som denne! Jeg har jo p meg ullbukser og ulljakke jo! Og det er juni... Hvor ble det av det fine sommervret? Jeg vurderte g ut for danse "Katrine-dansen" (en dans jeg danser nr all inspirasjon har forlatt meg), men i frykt for at naboene kontakter folk for "hjelpe meg", s lar jeg vre...

Everything is from ZARA - except the nail polish, which is Chanel 617 Holiday.

The outfit pictures can be a bit boring when non of my "photographers" are around! Three of them are not in the country and one of them is sick..

I, on the other hand, am neither. The week after I left London I started work, and that is where I'm going to stay for three weeks. After that a looong vacation including Italy, London (for house hunting) and Paris are waiting for me! I CAN NOT WAIT! At least not when the day's are like today. What happened with the nice summer weather? Maybe I should go outside and dance the "Katrine-dance" (a dance I do when I've lost all inspiration and want it to come back), but in fear of my nabours calling someone to "help me", I've decided not to...


Or move smart?

Okei, n som jeg er en av finalistene i Costume's konkurranse om bli deres nye moteblogger s passer det seg kanskje best skrive p norsk? ANYWAYS, YOU CAN READ IT IN ENGLISH AT THE END OF EACH POST!

Jeg kjpte en ny og fin sak her om dagen (da jeg var ute shoppet med mamma i slik en tilstand at jeg sovnet inne p et prverom) - jeg var inne p H&M, og det er jo svrt sjeldent at jeg ikke finner noe jeg liker nr jeg trkker rundt p H&M, og denne gangen s jeg dette.... en sekk... som jeg kjpte... fordi den er fin.... og fordi den passer bra... og ha tingene sine i... nr jeg drar... til Cinque Terre. Hipp hurra - jeg skal feriere nord i Italia - me and my sporty H&M backpack vi drar om tre uker (mtte bare gjre dere LITT misunnelige, det er vel lov?). Og dere kan vel flge med? <3

CINQUE TERRE - cool, right?

Hey guys! I'm now in the competition of becoming the largest Norwegian fashion magazine's new fashion blogger!!! Therefore I now write in Norwegian at the top, and below you can read it in English :)

I bought a really nice little thing at H&M here the other day when I was out shopping with my mother, you know, that day when I was so tired I fell a sleep in the dressing room (okei it's not that small but the cost of it wasn't too bad!). I'm going to use this backpack when I go on holiday... TO THE NORTH OF ITALY!!! I'm leaving in three weeks, and I CAN NOT wait!


JEG KOM VIDERE i Costume's konkurranse om bli deres nye moteblogger - jeg kan godt play it cool, men greia med meg er at jeg M vre meg selv. Derfor kan jeg fortelle dere at jeg reagerte med 1. Mpe 2. "Herreguuud!" 3. Ringe mamma som for tiden befinner seg i Barcelona 4. Poste det p Facebook (ja, jeg er avhengig - av Facebook og pepsi Max) 5. Hoppe rundt som tullingen jeg er SKIKKELIG glad og fornyd!

Stem p meg da vel?stem p meg stem p meg stem p meg



I could go the way where I play it cool, but we all know that's not me - so now I'm jumping up and down as a lunatic, happy go lucky (at least let's hope so!)!
And while I am jumping up and down of happiness, YOU CAN...

CLICK "STEM" : because that means VOTE in Norwegian



he didn't leave much to my mom and me, except this old guitar and an empty bottle of booze".

Yes, I'm a fan! Love the combination of a rocking tee and a beautiful, more classy, necklace. It's daring, and daring is good! Cause, this world is rough and if a man's gonna make it he's gotta be tough...
(A big thank you too the H&M girl for the inspiration!)

Johnny Cash tee and blazer from H&M, jeans from ZARA and the necklace is from the newest Fashion Against Aids collection by H&M.

JUNE 2nd

with me and instagram. moodgram. inspogram.


Leica M9-P ?Edition Herms?


You can now see this picture, which is about me, when you swipe the mouse over the header!


... someone being so kind and give me this bag from Mulberry! It's too good to be thriugh, that bag is perfect (even though nothing can ever compare to Alex) - it even fits my camera perfectly, and the size is just heavenly right - I think I might like it in a different color though.


Even though I was so tired I didn't know what to do or where to go, I went on shopping with my mother yesterday evening - cause you're never too tierd to shop! At least I've never been. I accompanied my mother as "the fashion eye", and I also needed a new summer dress cause I'm going tooooooooo ITALY in the end of June. At one point when I sat down in a dressing room waiting for my mom I actually fell asleep, so maybe I can become too tired to shop...

Wearing top and blazer from H&M, trousers and shoes from ZARA, and the sunnies are also from H&M.


More pictures of my chillin' out outfit I wore after work today - some days I just have to dress up in something I love after a long day wearing a uniform at work (I work in the Tax Free shop at the airport in Oslo). Most days I have a picture in my head when I wake up in the morning of what I want to wear that day. Of course it always depends on the mood, and today the mood was very helpfull and loving. All of my "daily amount of anger" got loose when I was on my way home. WHY can't people park their car like a normal person? One driver had actually managed to park their car so that I almost couldn't get out from the parking lot, a parking lot with several free spaces where that ....... car could have parked. I was at one point thinking about backing in to the car and leave a note saying "LEARN HOW TO PARK, PLEASE!". FRUSTRATING!!!

When I got home I had to go out for a seond to sit, relax and breathe the fresh air - there is a Norwegian saying that fit me quite well right now (you might find it strange), "tired in the face".


Shirt from ZARA, trousers from ASOS, shoes from GODKNOWSWHERE (got them for my birthday a couple of years ago!), AND a different selection of bracelets (yes, accessoire!) from KONY 2012, MONO & ME and the gold big bracelet I think is from H&M.


If you are one of those who have been reading my blog for a while, you would know my love and passion for nail polishes. For those of you that are virgin-readers I can enlighten you on this subject, I simply use nail polishes as my accessorie because I'm not too fan of rings, bracelets, necklaces and other accessorie (not that I don't think it's pretty, cause I do, it just don't look that good on me!).

My lovely friend Mari always have such beautiful nails, and she inspires me so with her instagram nail pictures - therefore I wanted to share something something about her nails with you!


Red nail polish from Chanel's summer collection - 617 Holiday
Gold nail polish from Chanel's summer collection - 607 Delight
Pink nail polish from Essie - Lovie Dovie
Glittery nail polish - Mari made this her self by mixing glitter with a topcoat. Do it yourself!


Yesterday evening - with good food, red wine, coffee and of course, good company!

Bugge's was one cool restaurant! Look at the pictures below, see the interior. Unfortunatly I couldn't take my camera with me in to the restroom, which was decorated with old posters including one of Casablanca (the movie) and among them a really old radio (which was superdupercool!), because that would have looked rather strange don't you think?

We also went by this really beautiful church which is, in my point of view, the perfect place to get married! On the picture below you can see what will become my aisle one day, and at the end of that aisle hopefully prince charming will be waiting for me some day... The water covered with jasmine flowers, which you also can find on the trees surrounding the area - me wading through the water, so that the bottom of my lightweight chiffon dress will be soaked. What a beautiful scenery, It think...


Do you see a connection with the entry I posted earlier?

This lovely evening have to be the most interesting evenening this week, as I went out for dinner with Marie - the girl i frequently use as my model because she is so damn pretty and has the most amazing body - I hate her and love her at the same time, exhausting! - and what was I about to say, oh yes, ehm it was really nice to catch up this girl again! For those of you who know me (haha!!) I do appreciate an intellectual conversation (people can change you know!), and Marie is one of the people in this world (not that I know of any other worlds, so do not freak out) that I feel I can have a nice dinner and chat with without being unbelievably bored. We went to this really nice restaurant called Bugge's (yes of course Bugge was a Swede, did you really have to ask when I wrote the word really nice?), didn't even know we had that kind of resturants in Oslo. My knowledge of restaurants in Oslo isn't that good, obviously. Pictures will follow!

ONE successful day wearing top from WEEKDAY, trousers from NOWHERE, blazer from Elin Kling for H&M, shoes from ZARA and bag from ALEXANDER WANG.
I should be paid for being a supporter of the Swedes, it's not in my nature to love them so damn much (and I've actually tried not too), but I can't help it. I surrender.


When I was reading Eurowoman here the other day I came over a picture from the 3.1 Phillip Lim ss12 collection, and my mind went "oh,oh,oh,oh,oh - BEAUTIFUL,BEAUTIFUL,BEAUTIFUL!".
Mix a grey college sweater with a silver metallic blazer - how cool is that???

I immediately decided that I wanted to share the vision with you! Get inspired by my season favorites - and get the sporty look.

Picture from // 3.1 Phillip Lim ss12

sweater MTWTFSS WEEKDAY (find it here)
blazer H&M (find it here)
trousers 3.1 PHILLIP LIM (find it here)
shoes BOTTEGA VENETA (find it here)


I've gained a personal love for flowers. Flower print on clothing, perfume and lotion with the scent of flowers and flower interior are all on the wishlist!
When I came over this SKIRT and DRESS at WWW.NET-A-PORTER.COM from ALTUZARRA, my heart stopped for a minute, or two (however long your heart can be like that for before you die - because, obviously, since I'm writing at this moment I did not die). Such beauty, have you ever seen anything like this?



though there is alot of things that has to be done (like cleaning the house, walking the dog and so on), but that's even more boring. I think I'll just sit out here (see picture) dreaming about going to Paris. Actually I think that I'll take a trip the next time I have a long weekend off from work - which hopefully will be very soon. I need to have something interesting to look foreward to. And what can really be more interesting than going to Paris? Working on getting Mari to come along, if no one want's to come with me I'll go alone. Not kidding.

Dress ZARA shoes ACNE

As you can see it's not even sunny today, the day I am off from work.


my week with you <3



The beauty that caught my eye when I looked in the mirror while driving home from work here the other day, made me feel like I was struck by lightening. No, it was not the reflection of my own face, but more the car behind me that made me feel this way. It was a dark green cabriolet from (this is a guess) somewhere in the 1920's (I think!) - nor do I know where it's from. That car was such a beauty and I instantly began dreaming about myself driving it to the beach with my picnic basket - and I haven't stopped dreaming about that since! I think I need a vacation house on the English countryside, with brick walls, beautiful flowers and, of course, a cabriolet from the 1920's...


Right now I'm wondering if my life will ever be interesting, right now I can assure you that it's not! Haha. I got up 4.30am to go to work this morning and got back 4pm - ONE TIRED FACE! I feel like you can complain a bit, but not too much, because I like my job and feel lucky to have it! The most sad part about this job, also the why reason why I brought up my working hours, is because I will always love blogging the most and one of the things I dream about is for it to actually become my profession - can you see the connection now? When I get home from work my body won't function (cause I'm too tired), that leave me with no energy what so ever to take good outfit pictures, because you will need a second person to get that done..

And for God sake, please comment on this one - don't leave me hanging looking like an idiot asking questions no one answers. I CAN SEE HOW MANY THAT READS THE BLOG, HELO!



I have to admit and say, even though I don't like to, that I 'm a very passionate person - sometimes it can be too much and almost go to the point where it seems like I'm an obsessive lunatic! Believe you me, we (neither you nor I) would like to see me become an obsessive lunatic. It's simply that I just know when I want something, I know when it's right for me (for some reason I can't explain) - and I am picky and honest, which gives me no time to waste. Look - like - then go for it! My latest victim was Alma. Poor thing, you are always on my mind - or maybe it is me we should feel sorry for?



All the motivation I need to get up and go to work tomorrow morning - I solemnly swear these will be seen on my feet by the end of the summer!


You're all probably dying to know why I've purchased a pair of TOMS. And the reason for that is...

... when you purchase a pair of TOMS you give a pair of new shoes for a child in need. Of course this is old news, but NEW news is that I'm going to wear them to work. Which I'm starting tomorrow. My first day back at work after I moved to London. 6am. Get up at 4.30 am. Yes, you red correctly.

I will try my best to keep up with the outit posts, or any posts at all, the best I can!


This fall I'm moving in with one of my very best friends, Miriam! IN LONDON! We haven't found an apartment yet, but that doesn't mean you can't look at pictures for interior inspiration.

Looked through Judy Aldridge's blog, Atlantis Home, and all the pictures are from her blog. That woman has great taste, and if you take a look at it you will also understand why I'm now dying of hunger...


This jacket was worn, today, especially for these pictures. Why that is, believe it or not, it because today the weather was SO HOT. I can't even remember last time the weather in Norway gave me such joy! Last summer was definetly a disaster, hopefully this summer will get so much better. Both when it comes to the weather and the things I can managed to do on my sparetime. Often I tend to just sit still and drink Pepsi Max (because I love Pepsi Max so much) (...I also enjoy to sit still) but as you may see I don't really have the luxure tosit still that much. This is definetly going one direction I did not plan for. AND PLEASE DO NOT PUT WORDS IN MY MOUTH ON THE COMMENT I JUST MADE, I simply mean that it is important to take care of your body! Make it happy - sometimes things you really wish you didn't have to do can make you happy in the end! At least that is what I have to tell my self now. Bad, very bad, self control. Lalala...

Top made out of a dress from TOPSHOP, shorts I bought aaages ago at GINA TRICOT, leather belt from H&M, jacket from H&M TREND, sun visor from H&M TREND and sandals from ACNE ( A BIG THANK YOU to my lovely parents for such a nice birthday gift!).


You know those times when you see an item on sale which you don't really know if you like, or even need, but there is a feeling saying "Buy this. NOW! You may need it one day!"

I bought this dress at H&M a couple of years ago and at that time that dress did not fit into my closet, what i mean about that is that it was not my style at all. Now I am so happy I bought this dress. Because my style has changed, as it often does after a couple of years - or maybe even two times a year. I wore the dress with my Marni for H&M jacket and high heel sandals from ZARA. I JUST LOVE the mix with a chequered mini dress, a navy painted jacket and high heel sandals with yellow and snakeskin details.

And for the record, it was actually kind of warm in Oslo today. You know when it's hot, but not that hot - the perfect day to combine something mini underneath with a cool jacket.

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